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COVID-19 Status

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the Board of Directors decided to close the Science Mine to the general public on 2020-03-14, approximately 352 days ago. The Board considered this closure essential to protect its membership and the general public from potentially contracting the virus through transmission from other visitors to the Science Mine or through interaction with the exhibits themselves, which may act as vectors of transmission. When safe to do so, the Science Mine will re-open to the public and its Members. Until then, please enjoy learning about the COVID-19 pandemic and its global impact on all facets of human life.

COVID-19 Youth Forum - Held on 2021-01-20

A number of area organizations came together on January 20, 2021 to present a panel discussion on the COVID-19 virus and its vaccines. The panelists included Dr. Wendy Grace, Dr. Joel Graff, Kathy Foley, Maureen Driscoll, and the students from the East Middle School 7th grade Science Classes.

Maureen Driscoll, moderated the panel, asking the panelists a number of questions related to both the virus structure, its transmissibility, and its vaccines, with all of the questions being conceived and written by students from East Middle School. The panel was held over a Zoom call that was recorded. The video recording, the questions, the sponsors, panelists, and students are detailed below.

Sponsors The Science Mine, Inc.; East Middle School 7th-Grade Science Classes of the Butte School District No. 1; Butte Silver-Bow Health Department; St. James Healthcare; The Montana Technological University Biology Department;
Dr. Wendy Grace
A Butte hospitalist and family-practice physician at St. James Healthcare, where she is vice president of the medical staff, and the Southwest Montana Community Health Center. For six years, she worked at USAMRIID in Maryland, earning a master's in biotechnology at Johns Hopkins during that time, before getting her medical degree at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. At USAMRIID she worked on vaccine development for filoviruses like the hemorrhagic fevers Marburg and Ebola. She has also worked on developing rapid diagnostic tools for SARS and other viruses and assisted in the global deployment of diagnostics for these and other diseases including influenza.
Dr. Joel Graff
An Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at Montana Technological University, where he teaches advanced courses in Immunology and Virology. He holds a Ph.D. from Montana State Universiy in Virology. His research interests include innate immunology, antiviral defense, and human and virus replication, among other topics.
Kathy Foley
A veteran science teacher (> 30 years) who teaches Life Science for 7th grade students at East Middle School.
Maureen Driscoll - Panel Moderator
Taught high school chemistry for 34 years before retiring from Butte High School in 2018.
Student Participants
Students Attending the Panel (*presented questions)
Aiden Blackburn Gunner G. Bushman Malcom A. Moore Connor T. Norman Melissa D. Palmer James H. Pearston Layne Pentecost Dylenn M. Powers Keely G. Randall Bradyn D. Sage Danika N. Smith Xander R. Strand Gannon D. Sullivan Lexa J. Thompson Olivia O. Thurmond Daniel A. Tonning Brooks D. Vincent
Students not Attending the Panel (*presented questions)
Braxten L. Ball Tristan Hafer Camden J. Houchin Preston J. Jensen Avery A. Knott Serenity R. Mikkola Mya B. Murphy Darrell W. Orchowski Dakohata R. Richards Miah J. Ross Darryn M. Rossiter Zander R. Seibel Jessie Trudgeon Rigley J. Vincent Abigail A. Young

Further Information about the COVID-19 Pandemic

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, with the World Health Organization declaring a public health emergency of international concern in January 2020, and a panemic in March 2020. As of early 2021, more than 100M cases have been confirmed, and nearly 2.5M deaths attributed to COVID-19.

The consequnces of the panemic have contributed to the largest global recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s, with widespread supply shortages, agricultural disruption and food shortages, disruptions in educational institutions ability to meet and hold classes, and a myraid of social activities. Widespread misinformation has been promulgated through social media and the mass media about the nature of the virus, its transmissibility, its severity and impacts, coping strategies, and effective mitigation strategies.

The following sections should help you explore more about the virus, its impacts, how best to cope and mitigate its effects, and how best to protect yourself from infection.

Current COVID-19 Statistics

The following data is collimated from a

Local Statistics

The following Statistics are for Butte Silver-Bow

State Statistics

The following Statistics are for the State of Montana

Country Statistics

The following Statistics are for the United States of America

Global Statistics

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